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Mindful Strength

Feb 1, 2019

This is a different kind of conversation diving into the important issues surrounding anti-oppression.  jamilah talks about her role in New Leaf and what this organization does for the community by offering trauma-informed and anti-oppression yoga focusing on inclusivity and accessibility to all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, body shape, race, and class.  jamilah then discusses her personal history of experiencing alienation and her concerns of cultural appropriation in the yoga community, but after going to a class to support a friend, she realized that she enjoyed the embodied experience of the practice.

Kathryn and jamilah get into a discussion of the systems of oppression in yoga and how the lack of representation of certain bodies (fat, black, etc.) is so damaging.  jamilah talks about how to set up a safe and positive space and how she experienced many lessons learned by trial and error – a yoga space should be relatable vs. aspirational (a place that you ‘get to’).  She talks about how people of privilege can make an impact through small, consistent action in the spaces they occupy.